Sunday, 31 January 2010

Robiola Due A Latte

First entry! How exciting! This is just a test, mostly. Kthx.

So, when I went on tour with Jimibaby this summer, we got to indulge at Whole Foods a few times with his food stamps (or whatever the fuck their new name is)... this is the closest equivalent I could find in Columbus to the cheese we had in Boston. Mang, do I love cheese.

Robiola is said to be the "Italian answer to Brie," made with both cow's and sheep's milk in the Piedmont region of Italy (to my knowledge). It's got a creamy inside, and never seems to be underripe for my taste, where as most Brie I buy, I let age awhile. I'm not saying I'd replace Brie with it(!!!), I'm saying it's a good alternative on a cheese plate, and has a mild, but distinctively different taste. Stinky Bklyn says: "The Due Latte Robiolas have got everything that Brie's got and then some. The paste is always perfectly ripe, hovering between bulging and runny, with a slightly sour note that gives way to a hearty richness, that's the sheeps milk at work. You'll also note the flavors of mushroom and garlic, and a slight funky quality that knocks it up a notch." I'd have to say I agree, save for the garlic, and the 'slight funk' only comes if you let it age a bit more.

Side Note: Don't use this in place of Brie in recipes (I made that mistake when making risotto--I was all out of Brie). It's much creamier and melts more like mozzarella, giving you that long stringy texture versus little packets of creamy cheese. (The risotto recipe is forthcoming--I use Fromage d'Affinois, so I'll post it when I make the risotto again with that 'brie.')

So, as the first entry, I should say--

This blog will be pretty typical, recipes and what not--along with chronicling the progress of accompanying zines. The photo accompaniment will not be included in any of the zines, though drawings might, and zines may or may not be included in the blog (the appropriate recipes will, obviously). Also, I'm working on the photographs to coincide with recipe posts. Bear with me as I get the hang of all that.


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