Friday, 5 March 2010

Beer Camp Columbus 2010

Beer Camp is an event the Wild Goose Creative [Collective] is putting on, and they're having a cooking contest--food made with beer. I'm going to enter, but I need ideas for something other than, you know, beer-battered onion rings or cheese and beer soup. More people should read this blog and help me come up with ideas. Maybe I'll ask my friends at dinner tonight. Ian lived in Germany for a while--that must mean beer in food, right?

Anyway, come out if you can. There's a beer tasting from Columbus Brewing Company (I don't think it's only their beers, I think they're just 'presenting' it), and some other contests--label design and beer crafts (I'm not really certain what this means, but it reminds me of Luna's butterbeer cork necklace--um, you can make fun of me for saying that, I don't mind).



    so many strange beer made items brought to you by sara drake and google search


    whats up, shut up