Wednesday, 10 February 2010

A note on the Recipes I provide

The recipes I 'create' are not created from scratch. That's to say--as much as possible, the ingredients are raw, real, natural ingredients--but the recipes themselves are hybrids and personal takes on numerous other recipe sites. I don't imagine, or want, this to be a referential recipe site such as the ones that I may get ideas or advice from (my recipes are never word for word, or mostly, never that close to a specific recipe site's, or I will mention it), I want this to be a catalogue of the recipes that I want to include in my recipe zines (hence the name, guys).

That said, I'll reveal the the first zine: it's called Usan + Manipay. Usan is the town where my mother grew up, my father in Manipay, both in Jaffna, Sri Lanka. This zine will be a small sampling of the best recipes my parents have made for us since we were growing up. This is NOT Indian food, and it is not all vegetarian recipes (though all the vegetarian ones are vegan). To give you a brief overview before I post about them/publish them (in the zine), I'm doing muttai uppam, chutney, puttu (which I don't even like!), biriyani, kadalai curry (our equivalent of channa masala), coor, thairysadtham, etc. Hopefully it'll be ready for the zine fest in Chi-town, but the pictures (line-drawn) aren't going so well, so far, so we'll see. (Don't worry, I'll explain all the names and how to pronounce them and why I loved or hated them in the zine.)

-Lux (update this + more soon)

P.S. To leave you with--a lamb-bone stew I'm fixing (as in, fixing what he started) for my dad. Onions, leg bone, milk, chiles, who else knows what... (he over-salted it... incredibly).

This is one of those, 'throw-what-you-have-into-it pot', I added in collard green stems, nearly rotting tomatoes, remnants of homemade chicken broth, tons more green chiles, and some red chile flakes, etc. We'll see how it is!

P.S. x2: The vegan zine will be called "Sweet Corn Kernal + Sugar Snap Pea". Hopyfully with illustrations by Sara Drake. It should be called Baby Portabella + Broccolini, as I barely ever use either corn or peas--but the former sounds so cute! We'll see. xxo,

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